Depot Beach Kangaroo

Along the New South Wales southern coast, there is a stretch of beaches in the Murramarang National Park where kangaroos are abundant. This coastal region has three main beaches where you can hang out with wild kangaroos – right on the sand.

Here are the 3 best beaches in New South Wales to see wild Kangaroos:

Pebbly Beach Kangaroos Sunset


The best beach to see Eastern Grey Kangaroos is hands down – Pebbly Beach. This was the first beach we visited, and just after sunrise sure enough, a mother and her two joeys hopped from behind the trees out across the sand! Visit Pebbly Beach for your best shot at seeing wild kangaroos on the beach, both in the morning and the evenings before sunset. There are patches of grass at the end of the sand, where the kangaroos spend their mornings and evenings grazing. The young joeys hop around on the beach from the grass patches beside the woods to the taller grass by the creek. These kangaroos are friendly and don’t mind hanging around humans. They seem interested in cameras, which makes for some great photos!

Depot Beach Kangaroos


Depot beach is beautiful, with deep blue water and strong waves at times, and the white sand beach extends for a long distance down the coast. If you strictly came for kangaroos, you might have to hike around a while. We hiked through the forest along the way to the beach and encountered a sweet family of kangaroos grazing on the grass. After they got their fill they hopped away in single file onto the sand dunes overlooking the sea to search for shade.

Pebbly Beach Kangaroos


The road to Pretty Beach is home to tons of kangaroos. They love the large lawns and wide fields with plenty of vegetation to graze on. We even saw a family hanging out on the lawn of the fire station – this town had a large population of kangaroos!

Once you reach Pretty Beach, you can spend some time in the sun on the sand dunes and enjoy the beautiful view. Kangaroos frequent this area, but are more likely to be found on the grassy hill overlooking the beach than in the dunes on the sand.

Kangaroo Crossing


To get to Murramarang National Park from Sydney, you will need to drive south on the M1 and then the A1 highway, and the drive will take 4 hours. If you’re coming from Melbourne the drive is a bit further, and if you make the drive out, stay for a night or two and explore the entire region.

Pebbly Beach Kangaroo

Kangaroos are not always by the beach, and they often hang out in empty fields of grass just off the road, so keep an eye out for them, especially by the coast. The best way to see kangaroos across this entire region is by taking a road trip – read herre about the best itinerary for an epic road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

Where to Find Wild Kangaroos in Australia

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