Dusk in Morocco

This weekend in Morocco began as we departed the south of Spain.

The port at Gibraltar provides convenient access to Morocco, especially for such a short trip. Check out our brief adventure in Gibraltar here, where we met the Barbary monkeys, the only wild monkey population in Europe.

Morocco Countryside

Incredible Moroccan countryside from Ceuta along the road to Tetouan.

Morocco isn’t all desert – it’s also gorgeous mountains and rolling green hillsides situated beside the sea.

Morocco Sunset Ocean

Sunset after arriving in Morocco from the ferry and passing through customs.

Tetouan Sunset Nightfall

As dusk falls on Tetuoan, the city begins to light up with the soft orange glow of streetlamps and passing headlights.

Morocco Spices and Fragrances

Morocco is the place to find an incredible array of incenses, spices, and holistic remedies. Pleasant fragrances waft out from shops with open doors, calling in curious travelers with rich aromas and capturing their attention with intriguing wares.

Morocco Architecture

Rich architecture displays the vibrant, charismatic culture of this area & makes Morocco a charming destination.

Morocco Mosque Cat

Impressive mosques in the city are another unique cultural aspect in Morocco. (Can you spot the cat?)

Camels on the Beach

Although a weekend trip isn’t enough time for a trek through the Sahara Desert, there’s still the opportunity to ride camels along the sandy beaches.

Chefchaouen Blue Hallway

Each city offers a distinctive experience. The blue painted city of Chefchaouen is perfect for a day trip. This village exudes unique and vibrant culture down every street – there’s no other place like it in the world.

Find out more about Chefchaouen, the blue city.

Cape Espartel Strait of Gibraltar

Visit the lighthouse at Cape Espartel, Tangier – where the Atlantic meets the Pacific.

Morocco Windmill Sunset

Windmills line some of the mountain tops that surround small villages in north Morocco, utilizing the natural energy of the wind. This region of Morocco is lush in the late spring.

Morocco Shop Interior

Colorful displays of goods makes wandering through the local shops captivating.

Morocco Cat

Friendly locals keep a watchful eye over the shops and streets.

Morocco Sunset Windmills

Vibrant Moroccan sunsets.

Morocco Countryside Sunset

Although a weekend in Morocco is hardly enough to scratch the surface of this beautiful country, the variety of sights and experiences of this unique culture make Morocco the perfect short adventure – and will leave you wanting to return.

Morocco Sunset

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Moroccan Market Cat