Seville, the capital of Andalucia, is a festive city – and the fourth largest in Spain.

Plaza de España

Known for incredible architecture from places like the royal Alcázar, the Moorish castle, to the Torre del Oro along the river, and the modern Metropol Parasol.

Seville Architecture Spain

Wander through the Maria Luisa gardens to escape the city and lose yourself in paradisiacal Spanish nature & design.

Spain Architecture
Seville Flowers

Explore the vibrant Spanish gardens and amazing architecture.

Gardens of Sevilla

Keep on the lookout for wild green parakeets flitting through the trees.

Garden Seville

When you’re walking through the gardens, eventually you will stumble upon the magical Plaza d’España.

Plaza de España

Soak in the wild beauty of the incredible architecture and flowing fountains, surrounded by lush gardens.

Plaza de España at Night

Take your time exploring these expansive gardens before you return to the busy city streets.

Seville Architecture

Don’t confuse the fiestas with the sleepy afternoon siestas – the mid-afternoon time at the hottest part of the day when shops close down before the evening rush.

Visit Seville in spring to celebrate the region’s biggest festival. La Feria is a time when the locals dress in their fanciest Spanish attire – the men wearing suits, the women wearing extravagant flamenco dresses – and spend the nights dancing and partying.

La Feria

Several city blocks are closed for the elaborate festival, a huge entrance gate display lights up the entrance, and rows of party tents, or casetas, line the walkways for closer groups of celebration.

If you’re lucky, you can find some traditional flamenco dancing to watch.

Sevilla Sunset Flamenco

Stop at one of the many restaurants for classic Spanish tapas, which are small portions of delicious Spanish food, and traditional Sangria, which is Spanish wine with fresh sliced fruit.

Seville Sunset

The Torre del Oro, or the Tower of Gold, located on the Guadalquivir river.

Once used as a military tower to defend the city via the river, the Tower of Gold now sits peacefully on the riverbank, a reminder of another era.

Which would you prefer: the gardens, or the party? Let us know what you’d choose in the comments!