Seraya Shores Pool Sunrise

Nestled on the southeast shores of Bali, the Seraya Shores Resort is a beautiful property. Explore off the beaten path to find out how serene life in Bali can be.

Seraya Garden


The Seraya Shores Resort is located on the east coast of Bali, directly on the beach. The resort is surrounded by fields of rice terraces and gorgeous green mountains. The nearest town is called Amlapura, however there are so many amazing places easily accessible from the Seraya Shores you might not find time to visit the small town. Not to mention with such a beautiful property located right on the beach, you may find it difficult to leave the resort!

Daytime Seabreeze Villa


  • Enjoy a refreshing welcome watermelon juice upon your check-in at the Seraya Shores Resort.

  • High speed wi-fi in each room.

  • Motorbike rentals available for exploring the area nearby.

  • If you’re looking to relax, try a Balinese massage overlooking the sea.

Seraya Shores Resort


Perfectly Balinese, the Seraya Shores grounds is very beautiful, with lush tropical flora blooming from everywhere & paths that weave through palm trees and flower gardens to the beach. One interesting part of the grounds are the stone walls carved into murals, telling a story with each intricate carving.

Candidasa Beach Sunset Bali

What’s Nearby

The closest destination that is well worth a visit is the Taman Ajung Water Palace, and it is just a few kilometers away from the resort. If you can, be there in the early morning for pristine reflections of the sky.

Our favorite beach in this area was Candidasa, getting there takes less than half an hour, along stunning mountain scenery. Candidasa Beach is perfect for relaxing, and taking a walk along the beautiful shores. You can also get some great photos with traditional Balinese Jukung boats bobbing gently in the waters,  and reflect under the meditation huts on paths that extend out over the ocean. On your way to Candidasa beach, make sure to stop at the Lotus Lagoon or the white sand Virgin Beach.

Loft Villa Bali

The Room

Each villa is uniquely designed, spacious, and full of character. Choose the Sea Breeze Villa for some of the best views of the sea in every direction, and have the infinity pool right outside your doorstep. Or if you are looking for a more secluded villa, stay in the Loft Villa for total privacy and ample space – the bed is upstairs with a palm tree view by the sea, with two massive daybeds downstairs for relaxing, one is indoors and the other is on the patio for when the weather is cool. The loft villa also has an amazingly spacious outdoor bathroom and waterfall shower nestled in a private garden.

Sea Breeze Villa Interior

The View

Since the Seraya Shores is located on Bali’s east coast the sun rises just over the ocean. Be sure to wake up early for a breathtaking view of the sun rising over the distant islands and shining  on the ocean as the waves crash gently on the beach.

Seraya Shores Infinity Pool

The Pool

The gorgeous infinity pool is positioned just above the crashing waves on the beach. Go for a sunrise swim to have the pool all to yourself – and enjoy spectacular views of colorful skies over the ocean.

Breakfast at Seraya Shores

Breakfast & Food Options

Expect an elaborate, delicious breakfast at the restaurant on the cliff overlooking the beach. Enjoy any preparation of egg – although in our opinion, the omelette is best – packed with fresh veggies sautéed in Balinese sauce. Choose a platter of fresh fruit or a fresh fruit juice as well as coffee or tea, and select either a banana or pineapple pancake (crepe) to complete the breakfast. This spread was always delicious and truly made us prepared for a full day of activities.

The restaurant has a delicious array of options for both lunch & dinner, and the chef prepares every dish with fresh ingredients. Choose a classic Indonesian option for lunch at midday – mie goreng (fried noodles & vegetables with chicken) or nasi goreng (fried rice & vegetables with chicken), and in the evening you can select your own full course meal. We chose the grilled ikan (fish) with steamed rice, vegetables sauteed in curry sauce, and fried potatoes, with a dessert of chocolate ice cream & fruit.

Ready for your stay on the incredible southeast of Bali? Visit the Seraya Shores Resort at for more information & to make your booking!

Disclaimer: We were welcomed to Seraya Shores Resort as guests, but as always, all opinions remain our own.