James Bond Thailand

What traveler to Thailand hasn’t heard of the famous James Bond Island? Tucked away in a beautiful blue lagoon, a solitary island rises dramatically out of the water, seemingly defying gravity with perfect natural balance. Brought into the spotlight by the 1974 film James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun, this cove is one of the must-see destinations for thousands of travelers sightseeing in the Phuket area. But did you know – there is so much more to this incredible national park than this one, famous landmark?

Phang Nga Bay

Covering a massive region of 400 square kilometers, Phang Nga National Park is filled with endless limestone mountains, covered in lush vegetation and surrounded by sparkling blue lagoons with tides that rise and fall below as dramatically as the cliffs drop off above. Filled with hidden lagoons only accessible when the tide is just right – these impressive mountains are what makes Thailand’s landscape & seascape so lovely and unique.

Phang Nga Bay Boat

The only way to access these incredible natural formations is via boat – and you have many options. Tours depart every day from Phuket, with tons of itineraries. You can even select a tour that includes a visit to the island that James Bond made famous. But don’t make that your only stop. Spend a day exploring some of the many astounding places that this park has to offer.

Hong Island

Hong Island

Kayak through jungle passages winding through canyons of limestone. Lie on your back to float silently beneath the cave entrances, and watch as they open into a wide cavern before your eyes. The amazing geology of this place is visible all around you – in the limestone formations that rise up from the sea & erode with time, in the stalactites hanging down like drips, frozen in stone, yet still so delicate. Kayak through the hidden lagoons within the limestone mountain to discover these epic island formations.

Phang Nga National Park

Panak Island

A beautiful, massive limestone island on the outside – but so many of the wonders are hidden within. Various caves only accessible at certain times lead to vast lagoons within the island, where mangroves grow, mudskippers walk on water, and monkeys play.

Caves in Thailand

“Ice Cream Cone” Cave

This cave was nicknamed for the incredible shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites hidden within the cave walls. When you step into the cavern and shine your flashlight to see the stone you can see the stalactites sparkling in the light, seemingly melting & yet frozen in time.

Floating Village Thailand

Ko Panyi Floating Village

Surrounded by limestone islands, rising out of the calm ocean, a village floats peacefully on the water. When the tide rises, the village seems to float – held up on stilts that are covered by the tides. The only way to access this village is by boat because it is built on the water! This village is where you can check out some local shops and grab some food to eat while exploring Phang Nga Bay National Park.

Phang Nga National Park

So yes, don’t miss out on a visit to the incredible James Bond Island. But remember to spend the time to see everything else that this amazing area has to offer.

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