Our Gear


First things first: gear itself does not make the shot.

However, with that said: without certain equipment, getting the shot can be complicated.

Basically, the importance of gear will be different from person to person, depending on individual needs and budgets.

This is a list of what we use, what we recommend, and why it’s totally awesome.

Keep in mind: It’s not what you use, it’s what you see.


Rugged & durable, this GoPro has totally changed the game.

This is the first GoPro model that’s completely waterproof without a case. It’s also the first model with a touch display screen. These two awesome improvements are what drew us to upgrade from an older model, and actually start using this little beast.

And beside all that, it’s small, lightweight, & stealthy – perfect for recording in places that maybe you shouldn’t. Which can be some of the best footage.

The drone we’ve all been waiting for!

So small and light it can fit in a pocket. 4k video camera. Tiny remote. Amazing sensors and software improvements in stabilization, object avoidance, and following modes. Can fly up to 4 miles – that’s right, four miles – away.

What more could a droneographer ask for?

If you want to see the world from a new perspective, this drone is our recommendation.

This little camera packs a big punch! We love it for the 4k video capabilities, 24-600mm zoom (!) , and the flip and touch display screen. Best of all is its inconspicuous size & portability. It’s kind of incredible how much bang for your buck you get with this little piece of equipment.

The sturdiest little tripod around. Useful for shots in unconventional places and places that don’t allow tripods. Overall a great lightweight tripod for traveling, especially for cameras on the smaller side.



Maybe we’re biased. But that’s okay – this is our gear!

Oh, D810, let us count some of the reasons we love you.

  • Amazing quality: resolution, color, and clarity

  • Awesome dynamic range

  • Internal intravelometer (PLUS: automatic exposure blending during timelapses!)

  • ISO that drops all the way down to 64 (So you don’t always need a neutral density filter)

Hands down, this is the best landscape camera combination we have.

Perfect wide angle to zoom ratio, especially for larger-than-life scenes. Amazing clarity.

Drawback: This lens doesn’t fit any filters. None. Yes, that means neutral density filters, too. Sorry – just look at that permanent lens flower – no chance. Luckily, this camera and lens combination is so good, they don’t even need a filter.

Okay, we’re oldschool. We use the Canon Mk II. To be fair, this was our first professional camera back in the day. Not to mention, this camera was used to film parts of the Avengers, so that proves its legitimacy, even as a predecessor.

We don’t recommend you get the old model, though.

The Canon 5D Mk III & Canon 5D Mk IV have all kinds of new features that make them even better than ours, like bigger & newer sensors and way more autofocus points, for example.

This camera is the more affordable, younger sibling of the Canon EOS 5D series. With an extensive array of features, using the 6D is a similar experience for photographers compared to more costly alternatives. The Canon 6D  offers all of the most necessary features of the 5D series, with slight cutbacks in certain areas such as durability. Still, that hasn’t stopped us from taking this camera with us everywhere we go.

This lens is the king of versatility. If you’re looking for a walkabout lens that’s wide enough for landscape, yet also zooms enough distant scenery or wildlife, this is the perfect lens for you.

DJI set the standard in quality consumer drones around the world with the Phantom series. We used the Phantom 3 Professional when it first came out, and loved the footage we captured.

Still, we chose the Mavic Pro over the upgrade to the Phantom 4, because the Mavic’s portability can’t be beaten for travelers like us who take their drones on long trips.

If you can afford to carry a little extra weight, the Phantom 4 Pro+ is one of the top of the line consumer drones out today. This drone shoots high quality 4k video, has excellent in-flight sensors, and offers multiple flight modes. There are multiple options set at different price points, depending on individual needs.


Perhaps the most expensive tripod brand you can buy – it’s all worth it when you feel those carbon-fiber legs. Lightweight, yet sturdy, this tripod has earned its reputation.

Our heavyweight champion Induro tripod has withstood the test of time & adventure. It’s survived rough oceans, sandy beaches, frozen rivers, and yet has always stayed trustworthy & held strong. The aluminum legs made the build heavier and stable, making it ideal for windy conditions.

But the future is carbon fiber – lightweight, but still sturdy. Induro is keeping up with the times with their newest tripod series. This tripod is an affordable carbon fiber alternative to the pricier options on the market.

This is a solid tripod head that’s kept our cameras safe and hasn’t broken through years of extreme use, despite requiring some maintenance from time to time. As of now, we have yet to find a better tripod head, although we are definitely still looking.


Wow. What words can describe this wonderful machine? The productivity that this laptop (we have two) has afforded us in our travels is almost unbelievable. The clarity of the Retina display, the power of the 16 GB processor, together with the top of the line graphics cards make this laptop the perfect tool for any photo processing wizard.

It’s one of those things where you don’t realize the possibilities and potentials of your productivity until your computer really is as fast as can be. Hands down, this is the best laptop for travel photographers & videographers – whether it’s processing, editing, or just showing off your latest shots.

We made this part the easiest.

Here are some of our favorite, hand-crafted Lightroom presets.

Each collection gives you everything you need for a professional & fast workflow.

Try them on your photos!

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