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Hong Kong is an amazing, busy, bustling city, filled with more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. If you want to see Hong Kong the right way – with all of the beautiful locations this city has to offer – you can’t miss these incredible destinations.

Tsim Sha Tsui Night

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

One of the most simple destinations to visit for a spectacular view of the Hong Kong Island skyline – come to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront on the Kowloon Peninsula to watch the sunset & the lights of the city shine across the water after the sun goes down. Beautiful junk boats with red sails float upon the water, only adding to the atmosphere of the scene. At 8 o’clock every night, watch the lightshow as several of the major skyscrapers shoot laser beams in coordination to music across the sky.

Hong Kong City Sunset

Jardine’s Lookout

This place is a hidden gem in Hong Kong – the tourist guides won’t tell you about this beautiful location. With an overlook of the entire city, including Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, and the entire Victoria Harbour – this is hands down, one of the best, most underrated viewpoints in Hong Kong. Take a bus or a taxi to Braemar Hill, and from there, a short hike up several flights of stairs and a small path through the forest will lead you to the top of this stunning lookout. Follow the sign to Jardine’s Lookout, and make sure you arrive with enough time to view the unbelievable sight of the sun setting over the city, and when the sun goes down, watch the skyline ignite the night with a spectacular display of lights.

Star Ferry Night

Star Ferry

For an amazing view across the harbor as you travel along the water, take the Star Ferry. One of the cheapest means of transportation in the city, the Star Ferry also provides amazing views from the water. A ticket will only cost a few dollars, and you will find yourself wanting to repeat the journey between Kowloon & Hong Kong Island again and again. If you want a longer journey on the water, you can book a tour for only a little more.

Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha – The Big Buddha

Known affectionately as the “Big Buddha,” the Tian Tan Buddha is over an hour’s journey away from the main city of Hong Kong, on Lantau Island. A bus will take you on the journey for a small fee – or the cable car will transport you there for a more magical journey – and when you arrive, you will find various shops, oxen grazing on the grounds, and looming on top of the distant hill, the Buddha. A steep stairway of nearly 300 steps will lead you to the bronze Buddha, and the nearby Po Lin Monastery. The Buddha statue is surrounded by 6 smaller statues of the Devas, who hold offerings of items such as flowers, incense, and music, to represent features such as patience, wisdom, and generosity – in total, the six perfections required to attain enlightenment.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

No list of the best destinations in Hong Kong would be complete without mentioning Victoria Peak, the tallest of the peaks in Hong Kong. It’s a little over an hour from Hong Kong Central, whether via bus or by taxi – expect a longer trip duration in the afternoon as more tourists make their way to the peak for sunset. The sun sets in the opposite direction, however, so here’s our tip for making the best of this popular destination: Escape the crowds and start the journey early morning to reach the peak before daybreak, and watch the sun rise in solitude over the city.

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