Hot Air Balloon Siem Reap Cambodia

Fly over Siem Reap, Cambodia in a hot air balloon at sunset for an unbelievable adventure in the skies.

Float up towards the sky over the land of temples and jungles of Siem Reap during the late afternoon, and watch the whole city from above as the sun casts a golden glow across the land.

Filling the Balloon

Filling the Balloon

Arrive at the launching field and watch the crew begin to inflate the balloons as local children run and play nearby. First, giant fans fill the balloons with air, and after they are partially full, the torches flare up. Fire blasts into the interior, with quick & powerful bursts of flames, rapidly inflating the balloon with hot air, until they’re full and ready to launch. Climb into the woven basket and hold on – before you know it, you will be gently rising through the air, just above the treetops, gliding upward on a soft breeze.

Cambodia Temple at Sunset

Flying over Temples

The first sight from the skies that will draw your attention is a temple complex – Bakong Temple, surrounded on all sides with water, and hidden in the jungle. It’s an epic perspective to see an aerial view of these ancient temples from the sky.

Soaring over ancient temples is an incredible experience – the airspace over the main Angkor Wat complex is restricted, so by ballooning, you have a unique experience of viewing the temples from above.

Sunset Siem Reap Hot Air Balloon

Sunset from the Sky

Slowly float through the air on a light breeze in a dreamy hot air balloon, watching the sunlight spill colors across the sky and the landscape.

Floating in a hot air balloon is completely unlike any other flying experience – instead of a runway, you rise up gently from the ground. Instead of high speeds and great heights, you rise slowly into the sky and hover just high enough to see the landscape unfold beneath you, but low enough for an intimate experience with the area.

You are not the only hot air balloon in the sky for the sunset – there are a few others during the flight. That means you can see the other balloons when you’re soaring above the ground, as a visual representation of what you’re experiencing.

When the sun sets, the balloon is high in the air, giving you a spectacular view of the entire city. After, the hot air balloons descend towards the ground to cover distance and find a place to land. Watch the last of the sky light up with color as you hover above the ground.

Hot Air Balloon

Landing the Balloon

When the light begins to disappear, it’s time to land the balloon. Slowly, the balloon descends toward the fields, where a ground team is following to assist with the landing. Bend your knees as the basket touches down, and step out one at a time, so the balloon doesn’t float away again.

Angkor Wat Hot Air Balloon

Flying in a hot air balloon at sunset over Siem Reap is an experience you absolutely cannot miss!

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