Halong Bay Aerial

HaLong Bay is one of the most incredible destinations in Vietnam – hundreds of massive limestone cliffs towering overhead, surrounded by shimmering blue waters. It’s a place you have to see to believe.

Halong Bay Boat

The only way to explore this incredible land & seascape is by boat – so climb aboard, and embark on a journey that will show you a side of Vietnam unlike anywhere else.

Halong Bay Boat


The cruise begins in the port of HaLong Bay, where you’ll board a small boat to take you out to the ship. Once on board, the voyage begins: the ship cruises through the bay, with towering karsts surrounding on all sides.

Sunset HaLong Bay


Massive limestone cliffs surrounded by shimmering turquoise waters create an absolutely magical environment. Everywhere the ship travels, you will find new vantage points of the majestic islands rising out of the water in every direction. Cruising along the corridors of islands and seeing this unique natural seascape is what makes Halong Bay so iconic.

Kayaking Halong Bay Vietnam


Kayaking occurs just before sunset while the sun is not too strong overhead and the weather is ideal for spending time on the water. Watch the light turn golden as you kayak past local fishing villages floating on the water, and see how the locals live their lives afloat in the bay. Past the villages, watch the reflections of the surrounding mountains in the calm water as you paddle to the nearby hidden cove, small enough for only kayaks to fit through. In the center of the lagoon, discover a small temple where the fishermen pray for a good catch before heading out for the day to fish. 

Luxury Room Halong Bay


The day doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Head back to a clean, spacious room at the end of your a full day exploring Halong Bay, and take a relaxing shower before going to sleep, ready to start fresh again bright and early for more adventures the next day.

Halong Bay Nightfall


Relax on the top deck of the boat and watch the sun dip below the limestone cliffs and reflect against the vibrant waters of Halong Bay.

Before dinner is served, join the cooking class inside, where you’ll learn how to make traditional Vietnamese spring rolls – and when you’re finished, they are yours to enjoy! After a delicious multi-course dinner, head back up to the top deck of the boat for the cool evening breeze, and if you’re lucky, watch the stars light up the night sky.

Lagoon Halong Bay


Halong Bay is famous for the islands emerging out of the sea, but these islands hold more than first meets the eye. As the boat cruises around these islands you will be able to experience many coves & passageways between the islands, each secluded from the rest of the bay and surrounded by lush jungles. Boat and hike through secret caves to calm lagoons with still, blue waters. If you’re lucky, you’ll see families of monkeys swinging from the trees and climbing on the limestone walls high above the water.

Halong Bay


On the last morning of the trip, visit a cave created over hundreds of years by the flow of rain & ocean water through the limestone mountains. The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites that glisten when the light hits them. The stalactites are so magnificent that before the area was protected, local fishermen would break off massive specimen to sell to the wealthy citizens that lived in the surrounding cities.

Halong Bay Vietnam

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