Cat in Chefchaouen

In the Rif Mountains of Morocco, there is a city whose narrow streets are painted a vibrant shade of blue.

The walls are blue.

The worn cement floors. The wooden doors. The potted plants.

The entire city is painted in different shades of the same tranquil blue.

And it’s made this dreamy Moroccan village unlike any other place in the world.

Chefchaouen Hall Stairway

Chefchaouen was founded as a fortress in the 15th century.

Some say the tradition of painting the walls blue was brought to the fortress by settlers, while others say the blue color is used to deter mosquitos.

Cat in Chefchaouen Hall

If the color does have an effect on mosquitos, I vote we paint everywhere blue.

Chefchaouen Shop Cat

Many of the wares for sale are made by hand, from the woven baskets and blankets to the leather and wood-worked items. Charismatic merchants often entice visitors to look inside their shops, but their best tactic might just be their adorable shop cats.

Morocco Paint Colors

Vendors place open bags of brightly colored paint powders along their shops.

Chefchaouen Hallway

Streets of the old town are more like alleyways, with no room for vehicles to pass through. This slower pace of life keeps the city rustic and authentic.

Chefchaouen Arabic Sign

Signs are written in Arabic, but locals also speak English and French.

Chefchaouen Cat Door
Chefchaouen Kitten

In the spring, the town is filled with friendly kittens – they can be found exploring the blue streets.

Kitten and Mama Cat Morocco

Mama taking care of baby.

Morocco Cat

Without the bustling of vehicles on city streets, Chefchaouen is peaceful and relaxed.

Morocco Restaurant Interior

The interior of the restaurants and other establishments in this area demonstrates the unique style of architecture. Walls are carved with large archways and open verandas, and plant life can be found intertwined among the courtyard terraces.

Chefchaouen Blue Hallway

The quaint blue streets are perfect for wandering and exploring. The abundance of color makes this town a glimpse into a unique & artistic culture.

Morocco Hallway Wares

The shops on the streets are vibrant and welcoming. Handwoven tapestries and blankets display the Moroccan weaving talents.

Morocco Weaving Loom

Weaving looms are visible when the shops are open during the day, and the locals are happy to invite you inside the shops to look around.

Morocco Tapestry

Handmade wares like woven tapestries line the alleyways outside small shops.

Chefchaouen Door Morocco
Chefchaouen Door Morocco
Chefchaouen Door Morocco

Every blue doorway in this town is distinct, and designed with unique characteristics, ranging from the designs on the wood and the pattern of the bolts down to the style of doorknobs and metal knockers.

Morocco Cat Door

Wondering what’s waiting on the other side. Food?

Morocco Medina Cat

So many cute cats lounging around the medina.

Chefchaouen Corridor

Hidden hallways lined with blooming potted plants accentuate the blue hue of the walls. Foliage around the town is incorporated into the architecture designs, and is part of the liveliness and vibrancy of this charming city.

Chefchaouen Cat

The local cats are so friendly – and some love the attention!

Chefchaouen Staircase

Chefchaouen’s old town Medina has a network of connected homes, some designed with staircases leading to hidden blue doors.

Morocco Wanderer

The winding corridors of the side-streets and alleyways make this town into a wonderful maze for an unfamiliar traveler.

Morocco Chefchaouen Doorway

This incredible blue city is full of culture, art, friendly people, hand-made goods, and cats.  And sometimes kittens!

This Moroccan blue city will inspire and intrigue the traveler looking for adventure and vibrant culture.

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