Bali, Indonesia is known for incredible, beautiful, colorful sunsets – here is a list of our favorite destinations to see the last light of the day on this stunning island.

Tanah Lot Sunset

Tanah Lot Temple

The temple on the sea arch. This area is actually a grounds with multiple temples right on the sea – one on an island often surrounded by ocean due to the tide, and one built precariously on a massive sea arch.

This is the obvious one – every tour guide and website will suggest you visit here. Honestly, look for locations anywhere near Bali and Tanah Lot will appear as a suggestion. This destination is considered a must-do when visiting Bali.

This little temple on a sea cliff is somewhat far out of the way of the main city areas like Kuta & Seminyak, and can be busy, as it is one of the main tourist destinations, but it is certainly worth a visit.

Uluwatu Temple Ocean Sunset

Uluwatu Temple

Less marketed than Tanah Lot, but no less beautiful, this little temple on the side of a cliff overlooking the sea is absolutely incredible. Walk through a monkey forest to get to the cliffs (just don’t wear anything shiny or the little mischief makers will try to steal it – especially sunglasses). There are paths leading through the temple and along the cliffs, overlooking the ocean & coves from high above. Watch the sun dip below the ocean, and a family of monkeys might just watch it along with you.

Amed Beach Sunset

Amed Beach

On the east coast of Bali, there is a region by the name of Amed. Seven villages line this coast, but the best place to catch sunset behind Mount Agung with this beautiful bay is known as “Sunset Point” in Jemeluk Bay. There, we spilled the secret. You’re welcome. Make sure you sit down for drinks and dinner here – the food is delicious, probably cheaper than the restaurant at your resort, and it’s always a good idea to support the local warungs (restaurants).

Yeh Gangga Beach Sunset

Yeh Gangga Beach

This little known beach has a beautiful sea arch with a small temple on it, like many of the sea rock formations on Bali, and at low tide the reflections here are insane. Just across from the beach are nearly endless rice terraces – another place to watch the sunset, or if you stay at the nearby WakaGangga Resort, catch a Balinese sunrise there instead.

Candidasa Beach Sunset Bali

Candidasa Beach

A beautiful beach along the east coast of Bali, with inlets, coves, green mountains – here, you’ll find idyllic meditation huts and jukung boats floating in the bays. The sun sets just behind the mountain ridges, sending color across the sky. Grab a fresh fruit juice (smoothie) at one of the restaurants, or a fancy fresh young coconut to enjoy while watching the sun dip behind the mountains.

Pura Lempuyang Temple Sunset

Pura Lempuyang Temple – “Heaven’s Gate”

The temple of a thousand steps – well, 1,700 steps, to be more precise. Located on Mount Lempuyang, this complex is made of 7 temples ascending up the mountain. Most visitors only journey to the first temple – which is also the largest, and has been called the most beautiful. However, if you have the day to spend, you will be rewarded with spectacular views from the top of the mountain, overlooking Bali, and a sense of achievement for reaching the top.

So rent a sarong or bring your own, make a donation to enter the temple, and begin the climb. Deep in the jungle between temples 6 & 7, there are monkeys which have been known to be aggressive toward visitors, so come prepared – hide your shiny objects and any food you may have brought with you.



Broken Beach Sunset Nusa Penida

 Honorary Mention – Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Though technically just offshore from Bali, the island of Nusa Penida is full of amazing places to watch the sunset. Make the journey out to this incredible remote tropical island to experience pristine nature – it’s so worth the voyage.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming articles on Nusa Penida, Indonesia. In the meantime, watch out our travel video on this epic island!

Bali Sunset Bay Amed



& There you have it – the most amazing, must-see destinations in Bali to watch the sunset.

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 Which place would you catch the sunset in Bali, Indonesia? Let us know in the comments below!