Bali, Indonesia is known for amazing sunsets – but the sunrises are just as spectacular, and you’ll have the place all to yourself. Here is a list of the best destinations to see the first light of the day on this stunning island.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace Sunrise

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Only 20 minutes from Ubud center, Tegalalang rice terraces are well known for their astounding beauty, and also for their tourism attraction. Yet, if you journey here before the sun peaks over the ridge, you’ll find you have the whole place to explore yourself. The restaurants don’t open until the sun is high in the sky, the tourists don’t show up until midmorning, but the beauty of the terraces is at maximum. After the striking heat of the day, the sun may evaporate the reflective pools – but if you show up for sunrise, before the heat of the sun has a chance to dry out the water, the terraces look lush and vibrant. Immediately as the sun pokes over the mountain ridge, you will start to see clouds of mist from evaporation rising into the air, contributing to the jungled terraces’ dreamy atmosphere.

Sanur Beach Sunrise

Sanur Beach

On the peninsula facing the east, Sanur beach is a perfect place to watch the sun rise over the water. Traditional Balinese boats – called Jukungs – span the shores, and every once in a while, a meditation hut is situated directly on the water. Since this is a popular beach, it may be difficult to find one all to yourself, but there’s not just one – there are plenty of options.

The beach is huge, spanning the length of the coast – so if you’re looking to find that perfect sunrise photo, it might be a good idea to explore during the daytime and find the best spot in advance.

Water Palace Sunrise

Ubud Water Palace

Located in downtown Ubud, this temple surrounded by a lotus lagoon can be a busy place. But if you come at sunrise, while the skies are lighting up pink & red, you will have the temple all to yourself. On your way here, on the streets just outside, you may see the streets filled with motorbikes and busy with locals exchanging goods at the street market. Here, the Balinese exchange fresh goods, including different varieties of flowers & palm leaves to make each daily offering.

Floating Water Temple on Lake Bali

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

The sun rises over the mountains behind this iconic temple every morning – the water is still & reflects the iconic floating temple. Although it can be a journey to reach, it’s absolutely worth it. This is the temple depicted on the 50,000 rupiah.

Where is your favorite place to watch the sun rise in Bali? Let us know in the comments below!