Considering a journey to the most remote chain of islands in the world? After all, a visit to Hawaii is more than a tropical vacation and an epic adventure through beautiful nature – it’s all of that together and more.

Hawaii Sea Turtle Sunset

Except, wait – there are so many islands to choose from! Which one is the best?

The good news is that you don’t have to choose. If you’re flexible, flights between islands can be affordable. With enough time, you can visit all of the major Hawaiian Islands – and experience all of the unique adventures each island has to offer.

Oahu Honolulu Diamond Head Crater



Arrive in Honolulu International Airport and step outside – the warm ocean breeze will be the first to greet you. Welcome to paradise.

Waikiki Sunset

Check out Waikiki Beach for classic Honolulu views – a panoramic view of the iconic surf city from right along the coast. For a free hour-long traditional hula dance and torchlighting celebration on the beach, find the Kuhio Beach Hula Mound just before sunset.

During the summer, hang out with Hawaiian green sea turtles on pristine North Shore beaches like Laniakea Beach. In the winter, the surf is too rough for the Honu to come ashore to rest – instead, head over to Sunset Beach to see intense wave action – and daredevils surfing it. There is no off-season in Hawaii – in winter, see if you can spy massive whales in deep ocean who migrated here for warmer waters.

Haiku Stairs Summit Panorama

Take one of the incredible trails in Oahu to view the mountain ridges up close & experience breathtaking vistas over the entire island. Try the Crouching Lion, Lanikai Pillboxes, or Pali Notches hikes for stunning views of this island paradise.

Island Hopping Hawaii Maui



Covered in miles & miles of pristine shore, Maui is where you come to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian beaches.

Sunrise Moon Beach Maui

Maui is also the perfect place to explore the ocean. With tons of enclosed inlets protected from big swells, this is the perfect island for snorkeling & exploring coves full of sea life.

Swimming with Sea Turtles

For arguably the best snorkeling in Maui, head to a hidden cove known as turtle town or Maluaka Beach. Submerse yourself in the surreal experience of swimming through crystalline waters with giant sea turtles swimming gracefully beside you.

Bamboo Forest Hike

Take the Pipiwai trail near Hana for a beautiful hike that passes a massive banyan tree and winds through a bamboo forest and leads to a gorgeous waterfall.

Volcano Lava into Ocean



The Big Island is the youngest land formation in the chain of Hawaiian Islands, due to the constant volcanic activity taking place here.

Black Sand Beach Turtle

To see the evidence of the volcanic activity on the island, check out the black sand beach Punalu’u. You might be surprised to find Hawaiian green sea turtles lounging on the volcanic sand just below the palm trees.

The Big Island’s most famous attraction is the live volcano Kīlauea – a bubbling caldera of lava, spilling over into the ocean, continually expanding the island.

Volcano Caldera Hawaii

One of the most active volcanoes in the world, this volcano has been erupting continuously for one hundred years. The Big Island is where you can come to view one of nature’s incredible miracles of destruction & creation – the formation of new land. The overlook at the Jagger Museum in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the easiest place to see the volcano, where you can see the world’s largest lava lake within the crater. The Jagger Museum itself has a fascinating display about previous eruptions and the geology behind volcanoes, and you can learn about what’s going on currently with the eruption.

Another exciting opportunity to view active lava flows is currently happening along the coast. Lava is pouring into the sea at Kamokuna, and there are surface flows within hiking distance. Check with the USGS for daily updates on eruption activity. Learn more about this incredible volcano and how to see the eruption in action.

Volcano Milky Way

While you’re here, don’t get so swept away by the lava that you forget to try the famous Kona coffee, grown right on the island – better yet, visit one of the coffee farms for a tour & a sample.

Kauai Destinations Rainbow



An adventure on Kauai will show you some of the most rugged and unbelievable nature that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.

Waimea Canyon Falls

Visit Wailua canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, for spectacular views of this tropical canyon. Look for the massive Waipo’o falls, tucked between multicolored precipitous canyon cliffs.

Na Pali Coast

Of course, no visit to Kauai is complete without the Na Pali Coast. There are 3 ways to experience this coast: by land, by sea, and by sky. Choose your desired method depending on your situation and particular preference, however there is no best view and this coast is simply amazing from every direction.

 The Kalalau trail leads to a coast of amazing deserted beaches beneath incredible cathedral mountain ridges. There is an 11 mile hike each way and the trail requires a permit, meaning this hike necessitates a bit of a time commitment & some advanced planning.

Rainbow Na Pali Coast

For a shorter but no less epic experience, try a day trip boating along the Na Pali coast, or view the incredible cliffs from the sky and if you’re lucky, maybe even spot a rainbow from the air.

Stairway to Heaven Oahu Hike

Whichever island you choose to visit on your paradise getaway, here are some suggestions you can do on all of the Hawaiian Islands:


Maui Hawaii Stars


Swimming in Hawaii




Sea Cave


Sunset Hawaii Beach


Rainbow Eucalyptus Maui



No matter where end up or what you decide to do, when you are island hopping Hawaii, if you experience each unique island with an open mind, you will have an unbelievable tropical adventure.

Beach Swing Hawaii
Amazing Destinations in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island

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